Ardora 9 Creating web-based learning content
Ardora is a software program for teachers, allowing them to create their own web content in a very simple way, without any previous technical knowledge of web design and programming.

With Ardora you can create more than 35 different types of interactive activities, crosswords, word search puzzles, fill in activities, graphic panels, symmetries, diagrams, etc. We can also design more than 10 different types of multimedia pages: galleries, panoramic views or zooming of images, mp3 or mp4 players, etc and the "pages within a server" activities: annotations and collective album, timelines, poster, chat, comments systems and file manager … all of them designed primarily for collaborative work among students. It is also possible to use some utilities which will allow displaying different types of content such as activity packages, web sites or virtual desktops.

The teachers should only focus their efforts on the elements to be included, not in the computer process.

Ardora 9 creates content under the latest web technology: html5, css3, javascript and php, so there’s no need to install any plugin, this means you can access content regardless of the operating system and / or device used (tablets, smartphones, ...). You will only need a browser that supports recent standards such as firefox, chrome or opera.