Ardora 10 creating web-based learning content
Ardora doesn’t need to be installed. You will only need to download to your computer the suitable zip file for your operating system. Unzip it into your computer and a folder called "Ardora10_ ... " will be created. Inside it, you can find an executable file (Linux and Mac will probably ask you to give execute permission to this file) under the name “Ardora”. Just run it and the application should start. Now, if you wish, you can delete the downloaded file. To bring the software to another computer you just need to copy the folder already created.

 Download ARDORA 10

WARNING: Ardora is provided completely free of charge and "AS IS" without warranty of any kind either express or implied. Ardora uses, in some sections, third parties software foreign to Ardora, as well as specific modifications about this software made exclusively for Ardora (accompanied by the same license that the original version).

By downloading and/or installing Ardora, the user acknowledges this.