Ardora 8 creating web-based learning content
VERSION 8.2 - 03/01/2019

Mac version (Versions older than macOS 10.14 Mojave):
Corrected the bugs at the time of creating package of activities.

Activity "Count money ": Added the Quetzal.

Version for Raspberry Pi 3B & 3B+ - 20/10/2018

VERSION 8.1 - 01/10/2018

New version for Mac.

Fixed small bugs.
Multimedia page of tabs and accordions. Count money activity.

VERSION 8.0 - 01/09/2018

New activities added :
Word building, Maze, Blockly-movement and Blockly-geometry.

New multimedia pages:
SVG, Blockly (beta).

Web site :
A user manager control was added to get information from all the activity packages contained in the site.

Select – Picture points:
New possibilities to configure the text appearance.

Complete - Text :
There are new options to improve the text appearance. The number of gaps that can be used has been increased (you can use up to 50 gaps). The possibility of using speech recognition in a fill in the gaps exercise has been added. (It’s very important to have in mind that at the moment of releasing this version, this option is only operative in the Chrome and Maxthon browser. Remember that you should allow access to your "microphone").

The questions can now be displayed randomly. We now have the option to answer all the questions before checking if our answers are correct.
We can now use a video with each item.

Text Dictation:
The number of sound files allowed has been increased. You can now indicate up to 5 correct alternative answers.

Text and images:
You can now place "captions" and text to several columns.

Count money:
New currencies have been added: Argentine peso, Mexican peso, Uruguayan peso and US dollar.

New possibility to add video.

An error happening when the text had accents, “ñ” … has been solved.

The number of files required for each content has been reduced. Almost all the activities allow working with jpg and png files without distinction. The activity statements now have the possibility of "launching" the sound, not only when clicked, but also when you move your mouse over it or when you start the activity