Ardora 7 creating web-based learning content
VERSION 7.5 - 28/03/2017

Italian language added :
Thanks to Giorgio Musilli.

Graphical panel :
The use of alternative correct answers when choosing the option of writing is now allowed.


VERSION 7.4 - 07/12/2016

Activity packages :
You can now insert links to different URLs, embed material, images, files, folders or even to an activity created with “Pages within a server” either on the main menu or on the side one..

Graphical panel :
The number of possible points was increased to 50 and it also allows now a greater control over the appearance of the text boxes.

Test :
Teachers can now add html tags in the possible answers (subscripts, superscripts, bold letters, ...).

Multimedia site "Text and images " and "Book":
A mistake which doubled "sheets" after being deleted and later written again was detected and fixed.

Page within a server - Comments :
It was added the option to create fixed "items".


VERSION 7.3 - 10/02/2016

Package of activities:
It was fixed the calculation of points in the big sum when there were negative results in the activities while trying to operate with the report of an activity pack which includes user's manager.
Select picture points:  It allows the selection of the image size. The dimensions must be specified before loading the image.
New activity: Tangram.
Multimedia site:
Photo Gallery: You can now determine the colour of the buttons as well as their colour when the mouse pointer is over them.
Board: It was fixed the bug that prevented us from viewing multiple images in the side menus.
Web spaces:
You can include a single users’ manager for all the activity packs included in the web space as well as the following pages within a server: “Form”, ”Poster” and “File manager”. This allows the teacher to get a detailed report of the work done by each student in each section of the web space. 


VERSION 7.2 - 05/09/2015

New algorithm for resizing images with antialiasing allowing a higher quality in the resized image.


Graphical panel: It was added the possibility of relocating the labels associated to the points by clicking and dragging those labels.
The "Selecting word" option can also be solved by "dragging" the label to its correct place or by clicking on it.

Puzzle: It was added the possibility of including the same image as the puzzle’s background (with the box "background"; next to it, you can specify the level of transparency of this background).

Complete text: It was included the possibility of determining the space between lines of the text to be completed.
New activity: Counting money.

Multimedia pages:

Tabs and accordions: It was fixed the possibility of including tabs and accordions pages within another tabs and accordions website.


Pack: It was included the option of adding a file for the users control; this way, when the teacher uploads the package to a web server, he will be able to access a detailed report of each of the students who have done the activities in that package. That report is similar to the one created in the "self-evaluation".