Ardora 6 creating educational content for the web

Ardora is a computer application that allows all the teachers to create their own activities in html format, in order to be used by the students in a very simple way.
With Ardora, you will be able to create more than 45 different kinds of interactive activities, crosswords, word searches, fill in the gaps, graphical panels, clocks ... as well as ten different kinds of multimedia activities including: photo galleries, panoramic views or image zooms, mp3 or flv players, etc... and seven new “pages within a server”, annotations and collective album, timeline, chat, comments system and file manager.

So, the teacher should only focus on the activity elements and not on the computing process.
Once you have inserted the activity elements, with the help of very simple forms, Ardora will create the website and the file which contains the activity. Then, you will only need a browser to view and carry out the designed exercise.

Sept. 2013 – New version 6.6, New “Pages within a server” which allow a collective or a group work. More possibilities for the creation of SCORMs. The activities packs have been redesigned under the AJAX methodology, now allowing a detailed self-assessment. +info.

Ardora is completely free provided that it's used without profitable ends and with an educational purpose. Complete or partial decomplilation is strictly prohibited